Need a reason to live in London? Here’s 101 to start with…

Ah youth…the saying goes that it’s wasted on the young, but that’s not the case for Robin Edds (@robinedds) a talented and witty freelance journalist who writes for high-traffic sites such as BuzzFeed and One of his recent pieces offered up 101 reasons you need to live in London ( While many were tongue-in-cheek and definitely skewed towards a 20-something audience, Edds made a lot of good points about the greatness of London. From the city’s history, multiple free museums and galleries and astounding array of international food choices, to exploring the hipster culture of Shoreditch, the quirky vibrant energy of the city’s numerous outdoor markets and the splendor and solitude of the amazing city parks. London has something for everyone and there is always something new to discover.

And there’s no better way to explore the city and fall in love with it — especially for an expat — than taking a wandering walk. Walking is the best way to truly learn how the city is laid out and to familiarize yourself with the maze of streets, roads, mews, gardens, courts, etc. that make up the London grid. Never fear getting lost in London because there is always a bus, tube or cab nearby to return you to familiar surroundings. And along the way you will not only discover new things and learn a thing or two about the city, but you’ll also be treated to the seemingly endless delights of historic architecture, monuments, sculptures and attractions for which London is famous.

I myself took two such walks last week (I’ve included some photos). One had me meandering from Piccadilly Circus to Lambeth Bridge zig zagging past some of London’s best-known locations: Horse Guards Parade, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and St. James’s Park. The other started mid morning at Leicester Square and ended in the very late afternoon at One New Change with plenty of stops along the way to admire Fleet Street architecture, numerous shopping spots (and a stop at Hush Brasserie) and the majesty of St. Paul’s Cathedral. It helped me clear my head, open my mind and heart, and reminded why I fell in love with this city.

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, or simply when you find yourself with the opportunity to do so, get outside, pick a direction and get lost! 




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